Soma Hydro Dermabrasion

Currently one of the most dynamic skin treatments on the market

Some like it rough, others soft and gentle when it comes to their skin. Either way, your Clients will be addicted to the result from the SomaHydro and this is why Soma has created a 2 in 1 Device with both. The Hydro and Diamond Dermabrasion Hand Pieces.

Best for:

  • Hair Removal

  • Skin Rejuvination

  • Pigment Therapy

  • Vascular Therapy

  • Wrinkle Therapy
  • Breast Lifts/Tightening

Soma Hydro Dermabrasion


Hydro Dermabrasion and Diamond Dermabrasion both use special hand pieces to exfoliate the skin, areas closer to the eyes and mouth can now be abraded more accurately with Diamond and Hydro dermabrasion, as opposed to older Crystal treatments as it has no risk of any Crystals falling in the eyes. The hand pieces are attached to tubes which run into a bottle filled with skin serums or saline which help to break away the dead skin on the epidermis on the face, arms, hands, or whatever you wish to have exfoliated. The unique spiral design of the Hydro tip is what gives an exfoliating effect similar to the Diamond tip but gentler in the highest speed vacuum hydro ow. All the the actions are done in moisture. Hydro is an option for all skin types especially very good for the sensitive skin types that could not use the Diamond tip.

The Hydro helps to decrease the risk of any infection and helps immensely with dry skin. The hydro wand can be operated repeatedly on the T-zone area without over exfoliating while the surrounding serum helps to soften the pores, which makes it even easier for that stubborn extraction!

Whatever the choice, both procedures remove debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation of the skin. Moderate usage of Hydro and diamond dermabrasion accompanied with an amazing peel Lactic or Glycolic will leave your clients seriously addicted and always coming back for more…

“The latest technology in Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.” Painless, permanent and powerful!”

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